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we are the AVDPunks - two Microsoft employees with a passion for Azure Virtual Desktop, networking and high-performance computing. Since we constantly improving our skills we started this personal blog to develop and train coding, writing and knowledge sharing skills. Fingers crossed all our code/samples as accurate as possible.

Who am I (Ben)

I am Ben, my “tech” career started in 1995 when I poured my hot chocolate over my father’s brand-new Windows NT 3.5 workstation. Imagin I had a VDI at this time, it would have saved me so much trouble. I am living in a VAN (part time), so my definition of working from remote might be a little bit extrem and I know all the ups and downs of a VDI and working from remote 😅

As an Advanced Cloud Expert for Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, HPC and remote engineering solutions, I am working in a professional technical team that leads conversations, works closely together with Microsoft Sales Specialists, and provides deep-technical implementation knowledge for our small, medium and corporate (SMC) and major commercial customers in EMEA.

With a special expertise in Azure Virtual Desktop, client virtualization and other resource-intensive workloads like GPU powered virtualization, I inspire, empower, and support our customers as well as partners to unlock the power of Azure.

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Who am I (Daniel)

I am Daniel and I’ve been in the IT industry since 2008, so I’ve been steadily expanding my knowledge, but I’m hungry for even more in-depth expertise.

As a Customer Engineer for Azure Apps & Infrastructure, I provide in-depth technical knowledge and experience for enterprise customers in EMEA. I focused on the architecture and design of end-user computing / VDI infrastructures based on Azure Virtual Desktop and Remote Desktop Services on Windows Server. I also manage devices using Microsoft Endpoint Manager, including app protection design and per-app VPN concepts.

I live IT problems, so I participate in community events and try to help the community. I also want to improve the products to be able to reach more customers. Wherever possible, I like to share my knowledge and show demos about new features.

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